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What Are the Benefits of Early Orthodontic Intervention for Children?


With early orthodontic intervention, the complexity of future conditions and the time of future treatment can be reduced. Sometimes, it can even eliminate the need for later treatment. There are many reasons for seeking early treatment, including inadequate spacing, avoiding injury, and correcting facial growth. Correcting facial growth can include fixing crossbites, underbites, and overbites. Most often, imbalanced bites are hereditary, but may also be caused from early loss of primary teeth, thumb or finger sucking, tongue thrusting, and prolonged use of a pacifier or bottle after the age of three. A crossbite is when the teeth of the top […]

We Are Open Again for Urgent & Timely Dental Care!

Having received approval from the RI Department of Health and the RI Dental Association, Cumberland Dental Specialists is thrilled to announce that our practice is now open for a select variety of dental services! At this time, we will be practicing stage one dental care, which includes urgent, emergent, and time sensitive procedures. While we do not have a specific timeline for the resumption of our complete array of pediatric dentistry and orthodontic treatments, this is an excellent step in the right direction—and we look forward to serving our patients as best we can during this initial phase of fully […]

Vaping and Oral Health

In today’s society, the popularity of vaping is widespread. Many people believe e-cigarettes are safer and have fewer health risks—both in regard to oral and overall wellness. This perception has made vaping popular with former smokers and in younger populations. However, studies are now showing that vaping can be just as damaging as conventional smoking. Consumers commonly believe they are inhaling water vapor while vaping. The reality is much different—consumers inhale an aerosol containing many chemicals, including: Propylene glycol: a food additive sweetener.1 Benzene: a volatile organic compound found in car exhaust and linked to leukemia and bone marrow disease. […]

Welcome to Our New Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Website

Welcome to our practice blog. Cumberland Dental Specialists is committed to providing your family with exceptional dental and orthodontic care. Our blog is designed to be an entertaining and informative resource on the latest pediatric dental and orthodontic treatments available. Here we will share office news, events, and special offers, and we will also provide tips to help keep your child’s smile looking and feeling its best. Our experienced dental professionals, Dr. William Chan, Dr. Denise Goodman, and Dr. Ben Chan, utilize a patient-focused approach that puts your young one’s safety and comfort foremost. If you have questions about something […]